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Miss Chapman's Read. Write. Inc. Information Meeting 28/09/22

Parents/ Carers attanded Miss Chapman's Read. Write. Inc. meeting.  It was so lovely to receive positive feedback.  Thank you to all who attended!


Parents/Carer Feedback


Danielle G

I would just like to leave some positive feedback from yesterday’s phonics meeting with Miss Chapman for my daughter Millie.

Miss Chapman structured the meeting very well so that us parents could easily understand and become familiar with how our children are learning at school, which is indeed very different to how we were taught at school.

I was already some what familiar with how phonics is being taught but I did learn some new techniques from the meeting and have already began to implement them as well as other suggestions made into our daily routine which Millie has found very exciting. She enjoyed using Fred Talk last night which she found very entertaining and engaging. I am super impressed at how well she can decode her words already!

So overall the meeting was a success and very helpful indeed. I would like to thank you for arranging it so this way we can all work together to give our children the best chance academically.


Cheryl F

I would like to quickly take the opportunity to say I found the zoom meeting on how KS1 is using read. write. inc phonics very helpful. I teach phonic in my job but it was so nice to be shown tools Kenny uses, eg “Fred talk” and “special friends”. I will be using these at home to help encourage him. It was just so nice to be giving the time and shown how the children are learning and what they are doing whilst they are at school. Thank you to Miss Chapman for her time and the great delivery of the meeting! It’s much appreciated.


Maria T

I found it very interesting and it gave a good insight into how our children are learning and what can be done to help their progress from a parents view. Miss Chapman was very informative and shared her wide range of knowledge with us; instead of feeling spoken at for half hour, I personally felt very informed and involved. It was encouraging to hear how much the children are supported and encouraged to reach their goals.


Jodie T

It felt great to be invited in to the school and get a feel for the techniques being used to teach our children. Although half an hour seemed to fly by with how much info was given to us... it was great to meet the teachers and hear them say that we can approach them at any time for anything we or our children are struggling with. It was great to get a human touch along side the text and computer based learning I have completed along with kerys. We were given some great tips of how to bring phonic learning to everyday chat and kerys was loving the challenges on the walk to school this morning. We were given an overload of information but it was delivered in a very positive way along side stressing the importance of working hard during her time in year 1.


Carly L

Thank you Miss Chapman for the phonics presentation. We found it really helpful and the information provided will definitely assist us at home. It's really good to hear what our children are learning in school and the way they are taught.


Lilian U

Thank you so much for the phonics meeting, it was really helpful.


Anca M

Miss Chapman has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable. It’s great that we’ve been kept in the loop about what is being taught in our child’s class and year, and about the upcoming Phonics screening check. Very helpful zoom meeting, thank you very much.



Pavan C

My daughter, AAROHI, attends Phoenix Primary School and is in 1C.


I just wanted to thank Ms. Chapman for her outstanding presentation and thorough explanation of the RWI program. It helped us understand how essential reading is for children and how we can help them at home.

Furthermore, the manual is extensively detailed and a great resource for at-home reading.


Thank you very much to Phoenix for putting so much extra effort into our children's education and for keeping it all transparent for us.

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