The Phoenix Primary School & Nursery

We enter to learn, we leave to achieve!

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The Phoenix Primary School and Nursery


At The Phoenix Primary School and Nursery, we are committed to our ‘We enter to learn, we leave to achieve!' school motto.  We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity - celebrating the ways in which we are each different, while highlighting the many ways in which we are all the same. 


Equality Objectives:

Objective 1 - To continue to close attainment gaps for children in receipt of pupil premium and those with SEND.

Objective 2 - To educate pupils in relation to their understanding of prejudice and inequality in all its forms.

Objective 3 - To increase the representation of teaching and support staff from minority ethnic backgrounds represented within our community.

Objective 4 – Ensure genuine inclusion of all children with regards to protective characteristics including those with SEND.

Objective 5 – To embed the importance of good attendance within the culture of the whole school community to secure equality of opportunity for pupil engagement, attainment and progress.

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