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Welcome Message

Below you will find important information regarding your child's PE time slot and information on reading and homework.


At the bottom of the page you will find the children's class blog- a weekly update of all the exciting things that happen within Year 2! Enjoy!


Reading Books

Year 2 will have the opportunity to change their own reading books daily. We will visit the library weekly.  Children will bring home their choice of a library book. Please ensure book bags are in school each and every day as we will be reading with each child throughout the week.



Homework is set every Friday via J2E. This will direct you to access Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds where your children will complete an English and Maths task. Please support your child in completing these tasks. Their logins for J2E, Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds can be found inside their reading journals. If you encounter any problems, please speak to your class teacher. 


P.E Days

Year 2 have P.E weekly, but this is subject to change, so please ensure that your child has their P.E kit at school every day. For health and safety reasons hair should be tied up and earrings MUST be removed for P.E. Your child will not be able to join in with P.E if they have earrings in.

Class Blogs

Please read our weekly class blogs below.

2BC Class blog Thursday 5th May 2022

SL – In English we have been learning about Greta and the giants. We went outside and held out signs to stop climate change ,global warming and to stop cutting down the trees.


MK – In English we have written a recount talking about Tuesday where we protested and made placards. We had lots of fun!


FR – We have been describing movements such as left, right and turns. We have even looked at clockwise and anti-clockwise turns.


NE – We were looking at SpongeBob and figuring out which way he was going to turn!


MH – We made collages with comic strips. We looked at some of Rob’s work where he used lots of onomatopoia.  


LE – We had to draw around the children and crawl into a ball. We tried to make it into a superhero pose.


2BC class blog - Thursday 21st April 2022


"In maths we have been measuring things in cm and metres" SA

"We have been comparing different measurements" JO


"In English we have been writing a non chronological report about a red eyed frog and a emerald tree boa" MS SL

"We have been writing about wolves and bears. Pandas have an extra thumb so that they can cling onto trees" HO

"There are 8 different types of bears and they are different colours and live in different places" AY


"We have been learning about how to create collage in art and we made our own abstract faces" MK

"We looked at some of Pablo Picasso's artwork" MC


"In science our new topic is little masterchefs and it is all about food and cooking" ARH

"WE need to be safe in the kitchen as it can be very dangerous. My mums friend doesn't let kids in the kitchen" CR


"In historyt we have been learning about a lad called Sappho who lived in Pompeii 200 years ago" KM NE







2BC class blog Thursday 31st March 2022


JO - In English we have been learning about possessive apostrophes. A apostrophe is used to show ownership.

HO - We wrote a poem using alliteration. I used the alliteration "devastated doctor"

KM - On Tuesday we create our own tears by choosing their colour and the type of tears that they were.


IM - In maths we have been looking at block diagrams.

SL - we also created pictograms to show information.

LME - I got to show my fantastic work to Mr Coulson and he gave me a silver sticker.

SA - We have been counting in cm to measure things.


MH - In PE we have been looking at controlled movements. We had to walk in slow motion and move like robots.


AY - In geography we have been explaining what we have learnt during or weather topic.

IW - Global weather is making the world hotter.


SL - Miss Foster taught us the 'igh' sound in phonics. We read the book 'a fright in the night' and it had the sound in lots of different words.



VV - In art we looked a wallpaper printing and we designed our pattern that we are going to use to block print.

MK - I drew a rose and lots of trees so that my design looked like the artists.

JO - to artist tht we looked at was William Morriss.


ARH - In science we created a thought shower to show off what we have learnt about plants.

2BC Class Blog – Thursday 24th March 2022



MH – We were learning about tally charts. To close the gate you have 5.

IW – We were learning about pictograms.

KM – You always have to look at the key to see how much the symbol represents.

LG - We went to the front of the school and used tallies to count the number of cars.


JO – In English we were writing a new part of the Tear Thief.

MK – In my story, I wrote about somebody called Sam who fell into the pool and cried so the Tear Thief came.

ARH – I wrote about the child being sad because he was scared to talk out in class.


MP – We looked at what plants we might grow in a farm.

HO – And we looked at which are edible.

VV – I was going to plant strawberries and onions.


MK – With Mrs Law, we learnt about not touching medicines.

SL - When you are little you need an adult to help you take your medicine.


IM – We made a ‘vocAPPulary’ about key terms. It was so fun!

SA - We matched the sentences with their headings and created a smart phone app page in our books.

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