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EYFS Vision Statement

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At Phoenix Primary School and Nursery, our aim is to empower children to become confident, independent learners. We carefully consider children’s interests to engage, motivate and encourage a life-long love of learning to ensure children receive the best possible start to their school career.


Aims of our EYFS:

  • Ensure that all children feel secure and valued.
  • Build positive relationships with parents/carers and children’s families.
  • Provide a balanced, meaningful curriculum for all children, meeting the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Value children’s interests when planning focused, adult-led tasks and child-initiated learning opportunities.
  • Carefully observe children’s learning and set developmentally appropriate, individual targets which challenge children at their level.
  • Encourage children to be curious and inquisitive, resilient and adaptable, through supported learning and independent enquiry.
  • Support inclusion and diversity for all and promote respect for others.
  • Prepare children for their school career by promoting early communication, literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Ensure a child’s first school experiences are positive and enjoyable.

More details can be found in our EYFS Policy.


Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA)

At the start of the year in Reception, at The Phoenix Primary School and Nursery, the children undertake the Reception Baseline Assessment. This is a short assessment, taken in the first six weeks in which a child starts reception. Informal assessments are made throughout the year to ensure progress and attainment, and to enable tailored planning activities and experiences to offer exciting learning opportunities.


Further information can be found here:


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Profile

In the Summer Term, the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile is completed for each child. The EYFSP provides a comprehensive representation of a child’s knowledge and understanding, their abilities and attainment against expected levels, and their readiness for Year 1. It summarises all of the formative assessments undertaken throughout the year and makes statements about the child’s achievements against seventeen Early Learning Goals. At the end of the third term, we provide parents/carers with a written summary regarding the children’s achievement in relation to the early learning goals.


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