The Phoenix Primary School & Nursery

We enter to learn, we leave to achieve!

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Nursery Timetable


Morning session      8.20 am - 11.20 am

Lunchtime session    11.20 am – 12.00 pm

Afternoon session    12.00 pm - 3.00 pm


Our gate will close at 8.50 for the morning children

and 12.10 for the afternoon children.


8.20 am


AM Session starts

PM Session starts

 Child led activities throughout the nursery.

8.50 am

12.30 pm

Nursery 2 children go to the nursery 2 room for RWI


Dough disco – finger movement activity or Brain breaks – music and movement, followed by Group time with key worker. Individualised focused activity differentiated for each group.

9.20 - 9.50 am

1.00 – 1.30 pm

Directed/undirected activities throughout the nursery

9.50 am

1.30 pm

Story time followed by Magic Maths for the Nursery 2 children

10.05 am

1.45 pm

Free choice/snack time

11.05 am

2.45 pm

Tidy away toys, nursery songs and rhymes/music session

11.20 am

3.00 pm

Session finishes

Important dates



Half term holiday will be 3rd-14th April 2023.

Back to nursery Monday 17th April 2023. 

Class Blogs


Please read our weekly class blogs below. 

Week ending 17th March 2023

We have had lots of fun joining in the Red Nose Day celebrations today! The children looked great in their red clothes and were excited to show each other what they were wearing!


Families were asked to share jokes in our ‘joke-a-thon’. Some of these included the following:


What is a little bear with no teeth called?

*a gummy bear*


Why did the banana go to the doctor?

*because it wasn’t peeling well*


Wat did the hat say to the scarf?

*you’ll hang around and I’ll go ahead*


What are ten things you can always count on?

*your fingers*


Thank you to all our families for your kind donations to this great cause.

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