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Welcome To Our Class Page

Please take time to look around the school’s website for key information. Also, make sure that you visit this page as often as possible as it is here that you will be able to view what your child is doing in school each week and every term via the Class Blog that appears below.

In the links above you will find information all about what we will be learning in Year 4!


Below, you will find information about your child’s PE time slot and information about reading at home!

At the bottom of the page is a weekly update of what the children have been learning about.



Year 4 will have PE weekly and it is therefore essential that your child has their PE kit in school every day. It is also important that each item of PE kit is clearly labelled with your child’s name in case things get lost.


Reading at Home

Reading at home is essential for your child to make the progress necessary with their school work. Your child will have a Reading Record Book that they bring home each night. If they read to you or another adult, or to themselves, please sign the Record Book to say this has happened. They will then get credits at school towards a range of reading certificates that they will receive in a class assembly.


We have had a fantastic week this week!


EU – This week we had world book day and we illustrated our own book as a class!

CGP – The book was about a brother and sister called Diamond and Timmy who got lost in the forest. They met a Tiny troll to helped them find their way back home!

AK – We made our own book cover designs on paper plates. We also designed our own covers the size of a coin!

AS – We had a clever sausage workshop where we had to design our own story about a superhero! We also planned and designed our own superhero to feature in the story. My superhero was about a person who had stolen a sword and a hero came to save It but they did not arrive in time!

CA – In maths we converted mixed numbers to improper fractions. We had to work how many shaded (this made our numerator) and then we worked out how many pieces made one whole (this told us the bottom number).

HQ – In Science we explored food webs and food chains. We made lots of food chains by following the different directions of the food web. When reading the food web, we started at the producers such as trees and grass.

BF – In music we were practising our Easter songs ready for the concert.

LD – In French we looked at different French instruments.

SR – We learnt the names of the piano, the flute, the guitar and the harp. The beginning of the words were all different. We sorted them into la, les and le.

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