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Tuesday 19th June 2024 - Dynamo Cricket Tournament - The James Hornsby School


Today, we attended a Dynamo Cricket tournament at The James Hornsby School. This was the first ever Dynamo Cricket tournament organised by Essex Cricket for the School Games so it was a pleasure to be invited to participate in something new! Our team had been working hard during PE lessons to finesse their cricket skills and today they were able to show them off. We showed fantastic teamwork and scored some great runs - hitting for 6! Our highest score was an amazing 68 runs. Florence said: "It was a really good experience. We got to learn new things and had lots of fun doing them!" A huge well done to all the team, you all played brilliantly, and a special congratulations to Arjun who received 'Player of the Day' for captaining our team extremely well and making some incredible saves from the barrier. We are hoping to work with Essex Cricket next year as I know our cricket team would love to visit the grounds. Go Team Phoenix!

Saturday 18th May 2024 - Annual Lee Chapel Football and Netball Rally - Lee Chapel Primary School


Today, our football and netball teams attended the Annual Lee Chapel Football and Netball Rally. Our Year 5 and 6 football team kicked off the day with a positive start - winning 3 of their group stage matches. In the afternoon, our Year 3 and 4 football team dominated most of their group stage matches, showing incredible resilience and ending the tournament with a 4-2 win! Our Year 5 and 6 netball team also competed in their group stage matches, scoring some wonderful goals and finishing 6th overall!Every participant received a certificate and medal for their efforts. A huge well done to everyone, you should be proud of yourselves because we definitely are! Also, a big thank you to all families that came to support us - it really does make a difference! Go Team Phoenix!

Netball Friendly - Lincewood Primary School - Tuesday 15th May 2024


Today, our Netball team visited Lincewood Primary School for a friendly match and what an incredible game it was! The first quarter ended 1-1, with Nikki scoring a wonderful first goal early on. During the second and third quarters, Phoenix scored another 2 goals, giving them a 2 point lead and defended well until the final whistle was blown. The match ended 4-3, meaning Phoenix took home the win! Well done to the ream who played amazingly together and a big congratulations to Imogen who received 'Player of the Match'. A special thank you to all the parents that came to support us! This a huge confidence boost for our next tournament at Lee Chapel on Saturday. Go Team Phoenix!

KS1 Football Tournament - James Hornsby School - Tuesday 16th April 2024


Today, 5 of our Year 2 children attended a 5-a-side football tournament at James Hornsby School. This was the first occasion the children had played in a school tournament and they played amazingly well together! During the group stage, we drew 2 of our games, scoring some incredible goals and making vital saves. A big well done to all of the team - future football stars in the making! Go Team Phoenix!


Year 5 & 6 Sports Hall Athletics - James Hornsby School - Tuesday 30th January 2024


Team Phoenix kicked off the competition calendar with our first competition of the year, Sports Hall Athletics. Year 5 & 6 competed against 6 other schools in hopes of bringing home a medal. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams worked together to score as many points as they could in events such as, Obstacle Relay, Standing Long Jump and Javelin. The relay teams were amazingly quick and won most of their races and everyone enjoyed their field events. After all events, our points from each activity were combined and Team Phoenix scored an incredible 262 points! A huge well done to everyone that participated, you were brilliant. Our next competition is the KS1 Football Tournament which we are very much looking forward to. Go Team Phoenix!

Year 4 Football Tournament - James Hornsby School - Tuesday 5th December 2023


Today the Year 4 boys team went to James Hornsby to compete in a 7-a-side football tournament. We played amazingly well against 11 teams (one of the biggest tournaments we've attended so far) and scored some outstanding goals! A huge congratulations to N.A for his performance, which earned him 'Player of the Match', and well done to everyone who participated. Go Team Phoenix!

Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Tournament - James Hornsby School - Tuesday 28th November 2023


Today, we attended a Tag Rugby tournament. We played amazingly well and scored some wonderful tries. We displayed brilliant teamwork, determination and worked incredibly hard throughout. A huge well done to everyone that played! Go Team Phoenix!

Year 5 & 6 MAT Netball Tournament - Greensted Primary School - Thursday 16th November 2023


This week our Phoenix Netball team participated in a MAT tournament at Greensted Primary School. We played 6 games and played with great determination and teamwork. They were able to apply their skills and knowledge from Netball club and should be really proud of their performance. A big congratulations to Oforiwaa for her excellent play and being chosen as Player of the Match. Well done to everyone who participated and to the parents who came to support us. Go Team Phoenix!

Year 5 & 6 MAT Football Tournament - Lee Chapel Primary School - 8th November 2023


Today we attended a Year 5 & 6 MAT Football tournament at Lee Chapel Primary School. We played with determination, teamwork and resilience which showed in our matches as we won two of our games! We scored some brilliant goals and our keeper made some vital saves. After four matches, we came 3rd overall! Well done to everyone. Go Team Phoenix!


MAT Year 3 & 4 Football Tournament - Northlands Primary School - Wednesday 1st November 2023


Today was the very first MAT Year 3 & 4 Football Tournament hosted by Northlands Primary School! We are so incredibly proud of each and every one of our players for playing with ambition, passion and teamwork. We played several matches, with the girls team winning 3-1 on their second game and the boys winning 1-0 on their first, but overall the girls team came 3rd and the boys 4th. Congratulations and well done to everyone that participated. We would also like to thank all of you that came to support us. Go Team Phoenix!

ATF Event - Northlands Park - Friday 13th October 2023


Today, we were invited to Northlands Park to participate in sports activities with ATF. We played Football, Tag Rugby, Boxing, but our favourite of the day was Kangoo Jumping! The children put on special boots, jumped to the music and were asked to do different aerobic exercises - just like a workout class! 

Ten Pin Bowling - Panathlon Foundation - Hollywood Bowl - Wednesday 11th October 2023


Today, we were invited to Hollywood Bowl to participate in a Ten Pin Bowling event. It was wonderful to see the children work together as a team and showcase their bowling skills - we even had some strikes! At the end of the event, our points were collated and we achieved a fantastic 846 points. We are all incredibly proud of the children. Well done to everyone. Go Team Phoenix!

Dan the Skipping Man - Monday 2nd October 2023


This week, Con from Dan the Skipping Man delivered skipping lessons across the school with each class. Each child learnt how to skip and practised some tricks! We have also been incredibly fortunate to have received skipping ropes to use at lunchtimes. To end the day, Con put on a Dan the Skipping Man performance and showed off his skills.The children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed their lessons and we can't wait to see the children skip the days away! 

Thursday 21st September 2023 - PEACE Tournament


Today was International Day of Peace and we were extremely honoured to be invited to Greensted Primary School to take part in a PEACE Football and Netball tournament, as part of the Basildon Twinning Association's 'Never Forget' project. Team Phoenix showed their support by waving flags and holding posters to promote peace around the world. A huge well done to everyone that was involved and congratulations to our 'Players of the Match', Imogen and Jack. What a lovely start to our year!

Sports Day 2023


What a triumph! Our Sports Day’s were incredibly successful this year. The children from Nursery to Year 6 had a brilliant time completing a circuit of different events and winning points for their countries. It was a silent, nail-biting wait as the scores were counted but the crowd roared as the winners were announced and presented with their trophies. We also introduced a new element to our KS2 Sports Day this year, a sprint and a long distance race. Two boys and two girls from each class were able to compete to win a 1st place trophy to take home. A huge well done to all our amazing children who participated, the nominated sprinters and long distance runners and congratulations

 to all our top three classes! You were all superb! 


1st Place: R3, 2C, 4V and 6O

2nd Place: R1, 1J, 4P and 5D

3rd Place: R2, 1C, 3AS and 6M


I would like to personally thank you all for your continuous support and the positive feedback we have received this week. A huge amount of preparation and organisation goes into events like these, so your kind words really do mean a lot. A special mention to those families who brought the Sports Day spirit with them - it made the day very special. Here’s to next year! Go team Phoenix! 

ProStrike Football Fundraiser - Day 2 - Monday 12th June 2023


Our second and final day of the Football Fundraiser was a blast today! Year 2 to Year 6 had their turn and we witnessed some incredibly fast strikes in the back of the net. Our highest of the day was a whooping 81kph! Mr Irons took the title of the fastest striker out of the teachers. 


A massive thank you to all the children and families that have been raising money for our PE department. Check back soon for news on how much we have raised in total and who our top fundraiser will be - a special prize awaits. 


ProStrike Football Fundraiser - Day 1 - Monday 5th June 2023


We kickstarted our Football Fundraiser today with EYFS and Year 1. The children were incredibly excited and had some powerful shots at goal. The highest score of the day was 49kph! Even Miss Chapman gave it a go.


Each child also took home their very own participation certificate with their scores written on. Remember: the more money you raise, the more prizes you win!



Districts Sports - Year 3 and 4 - Friday 7th July 2023


The annual District Sport competition for Year 3 and 4 was held at Basildon Sporting Village on Friday 7th July and what an incredible day for Team Phoenix! We competed in several events: 60m race, 600m race, Tennis Ball Throw, Chest Push Throw, Standing Long Jump and Relay. We were absolutely superb:


Year 3 Girls Team - 3rd overall

Year 4 Girls Team - 3rd overall

Year 3 Girls Relay - 2nd overall

Year 3 Girls 60m - NC - 1st

Year 4 Girls 60m - EO - 1st

Year 4 Girls 60m - RBM - 2nd

Year 4 Girls Standing Long Jump - EO - 1st


A huge congratulations to our winners, you were phenomenal, and a huge well done to everyone that participated. Look out for our shiny, new trophies!

MAT Football Tournament – Year 6 – Lee Chapel Primary School – Tuesday 28th March 2023


To end the Spring Term in good spirits, we were invited to participate in a MAT football tournament at Lee Chapel Primary School. We entered two boys teams and one girls team; they played tremendously (even in the grizzly weather)! Our girls team, who were incredible, played six games and came 4th in the group stages, which meant we progressed to the semi-finals! It was a nail-biting game as the match ended in a draw and we just missed out on a place in the final. The girls team came 3rd overall in the tournament and we couldn’t be prouder of their hard work, resilience and teamwork.


Our boys team, Phoenix B, were brilliant and worked incredibly hard in all of their matches. They scored some great goals and saved some difficult shots at goal against tough opposition. They just missed out on a spot in the semi-finals but they played amazingly well!


Our boys team, Phoenix A, were phenomenal. They played four games and came 2nd in the group stages, which meant we had another Phoenix team progressing to the semi-finals! We had a tough match ahead and as a result, we had to compete in a penalty shootout against Lee Chapel to decide a winner. We could barely watch! As Lee Chapel took their last shot, Phoenix made an incredible save which meant we were triumphant and secured a well-deserved place in the final! The boys team played fantastically in the final and were runners up overall in the tournament.


A huge well done to our ‘Players of the Match’, MC and CC. Go team Phoenix!

KS2 Football Tournament – Friday 18th November 2022


We were extremely lucky to be invited to attend a KS2 football tournament, hosted by Millhouse Primary School, on Friday. Our two teams were incredibly proud to be representing Phoenix, wearing our school colours, and played amazingly well. The highlight of the tournament was our 2-0 win against Rydene! A special congratulations to our ‘Players of the Match’, OP and IC – a huge well done! Go team Phoenix!

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