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School-Led Tuition Funding

School-Led Tutoring Funding 2022


School-Led Tutoring (SLT) is tuition that has been delivered to support pupil progress in a range of curriculum areas.  It is part of the national tutoring programme to support pupil catch-up on missed education due to COVID-19.

The Government stated that, 'This grant will give schools and acadamy trusts the flexibility in determining how best to provide tutoring intervention to support catch-up for lost education due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.'



The Phoenix Primary School was allocated 15 hours for 150 pupils. This totalled £30375 from the DFE. The school delegated funding of 25% more to support this tuition programme.  221 pupils have benefited from the grant.

The funding can be used for specific activities to support pupils to catch up for lost teaching during lockdown and schools have the flexibility to spend this funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances.

Through our rigorous and effective assessment processes, we identify which areas of learning and development need the most support to enable every child to reach their full potential.

At the Phoenix Primary School and Nursery, we have allocated our funding in the following ways:


Cost (£) 


Tutoring/ Personalised intervention cost for teachers  


Year groups 1-6 class teachers providing a range of weekly after-school provision (45 minutes/ 1 hour) and/or daily intervention in English and Maths.

Contribution to supply teacher costs 


Part-time supply teacher employed to allow for additional provision within the school day 

Contributions to bursary payments


Student teachers employed to allow for additional provision.






  • Pupils will have made accelerated progress in the areas that tuition covered.
  • Pupils will achieve outstanding SATs results
  • Analysis of pupil progress indicate that gaps are closing or have been closed.
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