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Reception reading books will be changed every Tuesday. Please ensure your child has their book bag, reading book(s) and reading record. Please bring these items every day as your child will regularly read with an adult in school.



Please ensure your child has full kit in school throughout the half-term. Kits will be sent home each holiday for washing. Hair should be tied up and earrings must be removed on these days. If children are wearing earrings they will not be allowed to join in with P.E lessons. P.E days may change from week to week. You will be informed on a weekly basis so please look out for messages on our classroom door.

Reception Blog ~ Friday 15th January 2021


Well, what a funny week! Well done to all those who have been continuing to accessing home learning on J2e. Remember, if you cannot access the work online we are able to create a printed work-pack for you. Please contact us via the Reception email address if you have any issues:



Some children have been uploading lots of work to J2e. We have been awarding house points to those children using the ‘J2e Stars’ section. Go and have a look to see how many points you have! If you continue to struggle to upload work to J2e, please photograph anything you have done and email it over to us so we can see what lovely activities you have been doing. If photographing work is difficult, keep all your work safe at home and, when we return to school, you can bring it in to show us.



Creative Curriculum

We have continued to read our focus book this week ‘Winnie in Winter’ by Valerie Thomas. We hope you have all enjoyed the story. The children have enjoyed retelling the story, making wands and thinking of spells to cast. We have been sequencing the story, continued to talk about hot and cold and spoke about the clothes we would wear in different seasons.

It is cold at the start of the story. We know it must be winter because Winnie is wearing a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots, there is snow on the ground, the pond has frozen over and there are no leaves on the trees. When Winnie casts a magic spell to change the weather, we know it is summer because it is hot, Winnie doesn’t need her warm clothes anymore, people are paddling in Winnie’s fountain and people are eating ice creams! In the story, the animals come out from their winter sleep (hibernation) and the flowers and plants begin to grow.





In Maths, we have been missing number detectives. We have counted along the number line to find the missing numbers. We have even had a go at counting backwards too!


We have used number cards to order numbers and play missing number games with our friends. You could make your own number cards at home. Cut paper (or card if you have it) into equal sized pieces and write all the numbers from 1 to 20 – one number per card. Then lay out the cards in order, hiding a couple of numbers for your adults to have to ‘find’.


The BBC have lots of online programmes to help assist in home learning. For maths, one of our favourites is ‘Numberblocks’. Episodes can be found here:




 Read, Write, Inc.

In phonics, we have been consolidating all the sounds we have learnt so far:

m  a  s  d  t  i  n  p  g  o  c  k  u  b  f  e  l  h    r  j  v  y  w  z  x 

sh  th  ch  qu  ng  nk


We are using these sounds to read and CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant), for example, h – a – t à hat.

When we are confident with CVC words, we are beginning to read and write CCVC words (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant), like f-r-o-g à frog

or CVCC words (consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant), like m-i-s-t à mist


We are also trying to write short sentences using the sounds we know. Can you write some words then use them in a sentence? Please take a photo of your work - we would love to see it!


We like to watch ‘Alphablocks’ as they help us read words. Lots of information and episodes can be found here:



Read, Write, Inc. continue to deliver free RWI phonics lessons on their YouTube channel. More information can be found here:


Phonics Play

Don’t’ forget ‘Phonics Play’ are providing parents with free access to their site for this month. It’s a great way for the children to practise their sounds. Have a look on the site using the link:



Remember, if you need help with any home learning resources or questions about learning, please contact us at: Reception@phoenix-pri.essex.sch.

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