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Nursery children experienced different sporting activities over a two week period.   Each child was encouraged to try an activity they were unfamiliar with.

Practising different sport activities.


Nursery have been learning about different sport activities.  Nursery had a fantastic day on Thursday 18th) taking part in Sports Day.  All the children's families came to watch the sports.

Darcie said "My favourite race was the Hat race.

Anthony said "He liked the running race because he could run fast.





Sports Activities.

Our topic in Nursery is Builders.  Nursery children have been experiencing life as a builder.  Learning how to use tools correctly and safely.  Constructing buildings and taking a break enjoying a cup of tea.

Luca said He needed a screwdriver to fix the post".

Enya said "I'm building a wall for the house".



Nursery topic this week is Builders. -

Nursery children and staff took part in activities for Pirate Day.  We went on a treasure hunt and shared all the goodies between us.  A wonderful day all made a special effort to dress up as pirates. 
This week Nursery children are discovering all they can about Pirates.  We are reading lots of story books.  Sailing away on our boat in the high seas. Role play activities are on going. Next week we have a pirate day and are going to dress up as pirates and have a party.

Nursery children planted their own sunflower seed to take part in our competition in July.  We are going to watch them grow over the coming months, to measure how tall they grow.  WATCH THIS SPACE.




Nursery children have created a Garden Centre within the nursery setting. All are encouraged to write within the area, their own labels to display prices of items.  Adults encourage recognition of numbers and letters within the role play area. All children are encouraged to play alongside other children who are engaged on the same theme, learning to share and take turns in an appropriate manner.

This week nursery children have been enjoying the sunshine.  We have been having fun making mud pies in the kitchen outside area.

Aaliyah said "I've made you a chocolate cake, what else would you like in it". 

Garden centre

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