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Nursery Home Learning

In the event of your class bubble self- isolating, please check out this page for home learning support.


Thank you.

We will be doing a Zoom story session for all of our children at home everyday day at 12:15. The link to the session will be sent out that morning via Evidence Me. Please join us


Home learning activities 

As the weather is starting to improve we are looking forward to Spring and our new topic is based around the garden and garden birds. 

We have put together some new home learning activities you could carry out. Please share any photos with us via the EvidenceMe app or


  • Look out of your window, go out on a walk or into your garden to see what birds you can see. 


  • This link will give you some information about different types of birds:


  • Use this tick sheet as a guide to make your own version to keep a record of when you see different types of bird. 


  • Make your own bird feeder to hang outside. Here are a few different styles that you could recreate.
  • Practice pencil grip skills by drawing some things you see outside such as flowers, trees and birds


  • Practice scissor skills by cutting up different items including things from outside such as leaves and blades of grass. Make a collage from the items you cut up. 


  • Read stories together. Can you find a book with birds in?


  • Make up a dance routine. Include movements of birds and insects in the garden such as snails, worms and butterflies. 


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