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Year One Trip to Westley Heights

On Friday 28th June 2019, the children in Year One visited Westley Heights. 


We started our visit with a nature walk to identify animals in their local environment. We found woodlouse under logs and decided that they liked the dark, damp conditions because it made the ground soft for them to burrow and they could hide from predators. We saw squirrels and coots foraging in the woodland. We even saw large trees, which had bent and twisted towards the lights.


After that, we complete some team building activities. We raced to pass a hoop around the group while holding hands. We then played a communication game where we had to work as two teams to turn the most cones over. 


After a picnic lunch and a quick play in the shade, we heading to the storytelling circle. Snuggled down on picnic blankets we heard stories from one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. We think we might have seen the Gruffallo in the woods. 


The day ended with an opportunity to attempt the obstacle track in the woods. We were so brave and overcame our fears to try some daring climbing and jumps.


We had a great day!

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