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Vocational Visit to Pizza Express

What a great morning! We arrived at Pizza Express not really knowing what to expect. Bethany talked us through all the ingredients used in pizza making. Did you know that there are 156 tomatoes in just 1 of the tins that they use!! We were given aprons and hats and had to wash our hands before we started handling food. 

First we covered the dough with flour on both sides, so that it didn't stick to the table. Then we patted it into a bigger circle, before passing it from one hand to another to further stretch the dough. After that we put it in a pizza tin and stretched it right up to the edges. Next we spread the tomato sauce evenly across the base and finally we sprinkled on the mozzerella. Petri the chef guided us through all these steps and baked them in the oven. They were delicious!! 😊

Whilst we were there, we also learned about the different job roles in a restaurant and what skills each job requires. Bethany is a waitress and says she needs to be smiley, patient and helpful all the time. She also said she uses the maths skills she learned at school every day in her work.

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