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Outdoor Learning Day~ Thursday 7th November

Reception children used chalks to write the sounds they have been learning around the outside learning environment.


In year 4 we are looking at living things as our topic in science. We went outside to do an activity in groups to explore different ways of sorting living things. To do this we used hula hoops to make a Venn diagram and sorted pictures of animals into groups depending on certain factors such as if the animals lived on land or in the sea, had wings, had fur etc.


In Year 5 we worked in teams to complete 3 activities outdoors. We played 'Leaf Whispers' which involved reading a message on a leaf to each person in the circle. We had to be careful to make sure that our message was heard correctly by each player. We played 'Autumnal Charades'. We had a secret action that we had to perform in front of the group. We had to think carefully about our actions so that we could communicate without speaking. 


In year 6, we explored the outdoor learning environment and collected natural objects. We used these natural objects to make autumnal artwork. 

We also completed Maths challenges with our team. For example, 'If 3 children hop four times and jump six times, how many times do feet touch the floor in total?'


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