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Online Safety Competition

Online Safety Competition

Follow the link below to access an online safety competition and win FREE online safety training for your child's school![0]=68.ARBwdOQ6dA6J5IeyJmO7yH9zt5Pv1TzzGvSZTTUVFl-oSPtOkQL-XFcOhhBc0TN3Xjctr11mDiC_EAw4TkePr2L2U6E5rGvNg-nsvRTSkSU_lWwS6keXnbJmZGK48KFLiBJEyE_oqu-xMCBcRpruT7k8OxICwjqp3CtD1KKxsWinHYRGIFf_NF_tLB1LB_VMgsQUuNcSvLxhuEybLgwEx0c4ZeIHBwns6-pXkw4uK1Mb-A7-PjNPSm43cfB9HQZwHgAWryfY6FlxvNY5wKb5hyWANNbwT1kVn_ScYNlVGy5aCfoGjWB1mkle7BwZGGZ7IOX0kins43ZV_qX4_1BTdvxCuHB89v6hFYK5-n6R&__tn__=-R


At the end of the isolation period, John and John from 'E-Safety' will choose the most educated parent and their child’s school will win a free days training with ‘The 2 Johns’.

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