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In the links above you will find out all about the exciting learning that is yet to come this term! Please have a browse.

Re-opening of School for Year 6 Children

You will have received a letter last week personal to your child.  This is a copy of the generic letter you were sent outlining where your child will be from the 1st June.  If you have any questions please contact the school office.


Don't forget to look at the videos tab for cheer up messages from all the staff at Phoenix!


Please read below regarding any updates for your child's learning at home.



Below you will find important information regarding your child's PE time slot and information on reading.


At the bottom of the page you will find the children's class blog and messages regarding your child's home learning.




Reading Books

Children in Year 6 are expected to read at home each day, either to a family member or independently.  Please ensure reading records are brought to school daily and signed when your child has read.  We are then able to write in them when they read with adults in school.  


Each Year 6 pupil is aiming to have read 12 books by the end of each term. If completed the pupils will receive a reward. If pupils read 12 books in each of the three academic terms they will receive a final reward at the end of the year.

Year 6 are reading lots in school, please continue to read with them at home to help them reach their target!


P.E Days

Year 6 will have weekly P.E. although sometimes the day it is on may change.  Therefore please ensure that your child has their P.E kit at school every day. Your child will need a white T-shirt, black shorts and suitable footwear (trainers/plimsolls).  In the winter months your child can wear black tracksuit bottoms and a jumper.  Hair should be tied up and earrings MUST be removed. Your child will not be able to join in with P.E if they have earrings in.

Monday 1st June 2020

Year 6 update


Hello everyone, it was great to speak to some of you last week on the phone.  We hope you are keeping well and safe.


Today we have updated the Maths, Reading and GPS tasks on the SAT's Companion website.  Do not be put off by the name! Although there are no SAT's this year now - the tasks set on there will help you and your child keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date in preparation for year 7.


Well done to those that have participated already! smiley 


The Year 6 teachers are checking in regularly to see the progress being made.

We will continue to update the tasks weekly and new ones are made available each Monday, to be completed over the week. 

When tasks are finished, they are marked and immediate feedback is given regarding your achievement.  We have been keeping track of the leader board and trophies earned and it has been pleasing to see the effort you have all been putting in. 

There are also additional tabs where you can select to practise a range of any other activities of your choice.

You can access the website below:


If you have any issues logging in please call our office and one of the Year 6 teachers will be able to update you with the relevant details.


The Home Learning Resources tab on our website also contains many additional websites you can access to support you with your child's learning. 


The Oak National Academy

This is a new,  online classroom and resource hub, which provides a bank of high-quality, sequenced video lessons and resources for a range of subjects.



Thinkuknow have produced and published activities online for parents regarding internet safety. To access, please follow the link below.


11  - 13 year olds 


School Values


Celebrations, Festivals and National Events



June is Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month. (GRTHM)

Every year, during the month of June, people are encouraged to celebrate the diversity and richness that Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities bring to the UK.

Due to a lack of understanding about their way of life, Gypsies, Roma and Travellers have often suffered prejudice and persecution. GRTHM aims to change that through raising awareness and celebrating the unique cultures of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.

GRTHM aims to:

  • Raise awareness and explore the history, culture and language of travelling communities;
  • Challenge myths, tackle prejudice and have balanced debates about all issues;
  • Celebrate the richness that GRT communities bring to everyday lives.

    A fantastic way of celebrating GRTHM would be to collect some stories or books about Gypsies, Roma and Travellers to read with children to help them understand more about the lifestyle and history of Roma and Gypsy Travellers. 

    You could also take a look at Twinkl's fantastic GRTHM resources to engage children with this culture in a fun way:

     From 4th-10th June it’s Food Safety Week.

    Food Safety Week is an annual event held to promote the importance of good food hygiene in the home. It is also a good opportunity to discuss the importance of health and hygiene.


In 2020, the theme of Food Safety Week is 'Food Safety, Everyone's Business'. 

Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate the week:



June is Pride month.


Pride events celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and pride. Pride is a positive stance again discrimination. Pride is celebrated globally with many events, activities and parades happening all over the world help at different dates.


Twinkl's Pride resources are a brilliant way to teach, learn and discuss with your child.



To all of our families who are celebrating the end of Ramadan this weekend, we wish you Eid Mubarak!


Again if you have any problems accessing any sites or have any further questions on supporting your child's learning - please let the Year 6 teachers know via the office and we will call you back. 


Please also don't forget to click under the videos tab on our website.  Here you will see some fun cheer up videos and messages, made by us in school, for you to watch at home.


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