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At the bottom of the page you will find the children's class blog- A  weekly update of all the exciting things that happen within 5M!



It is important that you read to someone at least 3 times per week but everyday if possible. You or an adult can record when you have read in your Reading Journal. Each time you read, you will receive a tick on your reading chart. When your chart is full up, you will receive a certificate in assembly. Once you complete your platinum award, you will get to choose a book to keep and take home.



Your PE kit should be in school every day as our sessions may change or may take place as part of a cross curricular lesson. Hair should be tied up and earrings MUST be removed on these days, otherwise you will not be able to join in with P.E if you have earrings in.


Please ensure that you wear the correct school uniform every day.


Work hard and have fun learning!

Class Blog 16th July 


The last full week of year 5!!! 


We have had a great time this week, particularly during our sports afternoon. We have some great athletes in 5M - A massive thank you to Mr. Coulson for organising. 


We have also been learning how to use a protractor to measure angles. At first it was tricky but - as always - we worked hard and got there. 


We have also been acting as critics this week and have written reviews of the two books we have shared this term (Kensuke's Kingdom and Secrets of a Sun King). 


As this is the last blog of the year, Mr. Mason just wanted to say thank you to the class. They have worked very hard this term and it has been great fun working with them. Next year will undoubtedly be a great success!


Stay safe over the summer.

Class Blog 9th July 


This week we have continued our work with decimal numbers. Specifically, we have been looking at sequences and how to continue them. 


In English, we produced persuasive adverts inviting people to visit Egypt and then a place of our choosing. 


We also had a visitor from Laindon Library explain to us how we can join in with the summer reading challenge. 


In P.E. we took part in a football tournament. 



Class Blog 2nd July 


July is here and the sun is (almost) out! 


We have had another very busy week in 5M. 


In maths, we have worked with decimal numbers and made some really strong progress this week. Mr. Mason was very impressed. 


In English, we have written some very emotive diary entries from the perspective of Lillian, the main character in our class book, 'Secrets of the Sun King'. 


On the topic of secrets, we have been investigating how Tutankhamun died and the various theories surrounding his demise. 


In science, we have been looking at growing and changing from babies all the way through to old age. 





Class blog 25th June


We returned from Hilltop on Tuesday after five days of fun. 


We have been a little tired the rest of the week but still managed to squeeze in some learning. 


We have looked at angles in a straight line and around a point.  


We have continued to study 'The Secrets of the Sun King' and used images of the artefacts discovered in Tutankhamun's tomb to investigate the type of character that he was. 


In science, we have looked at the growth and human development. 


We are looking forward to a rest this weekend. 




Class Blog 17th June 


This week we were in our Hilltop bubble. 


We looked at addition and subtraction skills in maths and used them to help solve a variety of problems. 


In English, we produced a newspaper report surrounding the mysterious events of Tutankhamun and the scientists that discovered his tomb. We have started reading 'The Secrets of the Sun King' by Emma Carroll to help inspire us. 


Within our history topic, we continued the theme of Ancient Egypt and began to think about Howard Carter and his role in the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. 


On Friday we made our way to Hilltop. 

Class Blog - 27th May 


This week we have been looking at the properties of shape in maths. We have focused mainly on two-dimensional shapes. We have studied sides, vertices, angles and parallel lines. Our understanding has most definitely improved this week. 


In English, we have finished our studies of Kensuke's Kingdom by pretending we are estate agents. Within our work, we have produced persuasive adverts attempting to sell the island. 


We have also looked in some depth at subordinate clauses and how they can help to elevate our writing. 


We rounded off our studies of mountains with some map work - specifically how to use grid references to find locations on an Ordnance Survey map. 


Enjoy half term!  



Class Blog 21st May 


Another week has passed and we have covered a lot in 5M. 


We continued working on time in maths. This included converting between 12 and 24 hour clocks as well as timetables. We showed great resilience in tackling concepts that we found tricky. 


In English we looked at elevating character descriptions by including emotion within our writing. We managed to produce some very emotive pieces of writing. 


We attempted to produce some artwork inspired by the character of Kensuke in 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. We drew cherry blossoms and will attempt to add colour in the coming week. 


Also, we had to send the sunflowers home a week early as they grew so quickly! 


Class Blog 14th May 


The weeks seem to be disappearing very quickly! 


We have written some excellent persuasive adverts based on a visit to our own imagined kingdoms. We are trying to put together a travel brochure that we upload to this page so you can read it. 


In maths, we have been working our way through telling time.  Time is always tricky, but we have worked very hard. 


We produced lovely pieces of art work based on 'The Great Wave' by Japanese artist Hokusai. We will try to display these in the classroom window so that you can enjoy them at pick up time. 


In R.E., we have begun to think about why Sikhs consider the Guru Granth Sahib to be important. 


In other news, the sunflowers are growing very quickly. If possible, they will be coming home soon for planting.





Class Blog 6th May 


We had another busy week this week. 


We have been learning how to use place value columns to help us add and subtract accurately. 


In English, we wrote diary entries based on Kensuke's Kingdom.  


We have continued to study mountains this week, looking at adventurers that have tackled Mount Everest


We had another session with our visitor from West Ham and used exercise to help us think about how we can make challenging decisions whist keeping our concerns in check. 

Class Blog April 27th 


Despite only having four days in school this week, we have managed to get plenty of learning under our belts.


We have spent time writing letters to Michael (the main character in Kensuke's Kingdom). We really focused on using emotive language and had a lot of success. 


We continued to look at addition and subtraction methods, even attempting some problem solving questions. Our accuracy has definitely improved. 


Within geography, we looked at how old the Cambrian mountains in Wales are. Did you know they are thought to be between 400 and 500 million years old?


Even though we had quite a lot of rain this week, we decided to plant some sunflowers. We are hoping that our seeds will germinate and begin to grow so that we take them home at half term and plant them. 



Class Blog 22nd April 


We had a fantastic week this week. 


We have been learning how to use long multiplication methods accurately and applying them to various problem solving situations. 


In English, we wrote narratives based on Kensuke's Kingdom.  


We have continued to study mountains this week, specifically the location of some of the most well-known and how fold mountains are formed. 


We were lucky enough to have a visitor from West Ham United who came to help us think about our wellbeing and suggest ways that exercise can help as remain positive. 



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