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PE is on a Friday afternoon for year 5.


RE: Homework expectations for Year 5 pupils

Every week pupils will be given spellings, times tables, maths and literacy homework. If pupils are seen to not have put any effort in to their homework or they fail to hand this in they will be given a penalty point and if this continues; parents will be notified.

Spellings a list will be given to them on Monday and they will be tested on Friday. They will have the opportunity to practise these in school. However, they are also expected to spend time learning and practising these at home.

Times tables children will be told which times tables they need to practise and they will be expected to learn the inverse division facts for these too. For example, pupils are told to learn their 4x tables. They need to know that    6 x 4 = 24   AND so   24 ÷  4  = 6

They will be given this homework on a Monday and will be tested on a Friday.

Maths-Homework will be given on a Thursday and this must be handed in the following Tuesday.

Literacy-Homework will be given out on a Thursday and collected in the following Tuesday.

May we also take this opportunity to remind parents that pupils are expected to be reading at home to an adult. Pupils are rewarded with a sticker each time they read to an adult and they may obtain certificates and prizes for doing so.  It is proven that reading a variety of texts and reading regularly improves the literacy skills of a pupil.


Many Thanks for your continued support

Class Blog

10th December 2015


For the last couple of weeks, year 5 have been very busy!! We went to the theatre and had an amazing chance to experience a dress rehearsal for the Towngate theatre’s pantomime. Unfortunately, they lost the giant! Oh yes they did!! We have made and painted our extraordinary Ancient Greek pots – they’re looking great and will be brought home soon! This week we have been learning about persuasive writing and devices – so sorry parents – your kids are now experts at persuading and with Christmas coming up, this is going to come in handy for them!! We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 

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