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At the bottom of the page you will find important information regarding online learning. The relevant resources and activities have also been added to this page.  

In addition, current Maths and English tasks can be accessed via Mirodo. 


Please take time to look around the school’s website for key information. Also, make sure that you visit this page as often as possible as it is here that you will be able to view what your child is doing in school each week and every term via the Class Blog that appears below.



Year 4 will have PE weekly and it is therefore essential that your child has their PE in school everyday. It is also important that each item of PE kit is clearly labelled with your child’s name in case things get lost.


Reading at Home

Reading at home is essential for your child to make the progress necessary with their school work. Your child will have a Reading Record Book that they bring home each night. If they read to you or another adult, or to themselves, please sign the Record Book to say this has happened. They will then get credits at school towards a range of reading certificates that they will receive in assembly.

Class Blog

Thursday 26th March 2021


Another busy week in year 4! It has been lovely to have everyone back together! 




In English, we have been looking at creative writing. Each day we have focused on a different skill and we have produced some fantastic pieces of independent writing! We covered: dialogue, effective descriptions, effective opening for a narrative, and character descriptions. 




This week in maths we have finished our topic on decimals. We compared and ordered decimals on Monday. We then looked at the four operations, making sure that we were confident in being able to apply them to different word problems.



During science this week, we discussed the role of toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss. We thought about what would happen if we had covered our eggs in toothpaste prior to placing them into the liquids. We think the toothpaste would have protected the eggshell - just like it does for our teeth!




In Geography, we looked at Nepal - In Nepal there are around 30 million people living there and they rely on fuelwood for all of their energy. This means that they are having to cut down lots of trees! They use solar cookers to help improve the quality of life for the community and to try and live more sustainably. 




In P.E, we looked at speed and agility. We focussed on using our prior learning from last week to improve our individual skills. 


Well done everyone and remember, if you do have any queries, you can call the school office, contact us using the J2E message service or email the year group email: We will try our best to help!


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