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Welcome to the class page for 4HN. Please take time to look around the school’s website for key information. Also, make sure that you visit this page as often as possible as it is here that you will be able to view what your child is doing in school each week and every term via the Class Blog that appears below.

Below you will also find important information about your child’s PE slot as well as advice about reading at home.



Year 4 will have PE weekly and it is therefore essential that your child has their PE in school everyday. It is also important that each item of PE kit is clearly labelled with your child’s name in case things get lost.


Reading at Home

Reading at home is essential for your child to make the progress necessary with their school work. Your child will have a Reading Record Book that they bring home each night. If they read to you or another adult, or to themselves, please sign the Record Book to say this has happened. They will then get credits at school towards a range of reading certificates that they will receive in assembly.

4HN Class Blog (5th March, 2020)

In English, as part of World Book Day, we have been exploring a book called ‘Greta and the Giants,’ by Zoe Tucker and Zoe Persico.

“We have planned our own five-part narrative, based on the original story, to make it more suitable for older readers.” (GMB)

“This book has a message which is to convince people to look after the world in order to stop climate change.” (MG)

We are looking forward to developing plans further when writing our draft next week.

In Maths, all sets have been focused on fractions, particularly mixed numbers and improper fractions. Set 3 and 4 have also been consolidating their understanding of equivalent fractions.

“To convert an improper fraction to a mixed number fraction, you have to divide the numerator by the denominator. Example: 13/4 is 13 ÷ 4 = 3 r1. As a mixed number fraction, this looks like 3 1/4.” (BS)

“To find an equivalent fraction, you have to either multiply or divide the same to the numerator and the denominator. For example: ½ = 2/4 (I have multiplied both by 2)” (SS)

We have been identifying teeth and their function in Science as well as comparing the teeth of humans to other animals.

“We have a new Wondrous Words display in our classroom, which is helping us to improve our vocabulary and understanding of words.” (KA)

“We have new step- on words, which are not used commonly in everyday work and need more understanding: incisors, canines, premolars, molars, wisdom teeth, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.” (DR)

We have now finished our learning of the Vikings and are beginning to focus on Geography with the topic of: ‘Sustainability.’

“Sustainability means to live more environmentally friendly without using the world’s resources.” (Mr Wilson)

“We had a discussion about what could be sustainable and what couldn’t and organised this in a table.” (GMW)

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