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In the links above you will find out all about the exciting learning that is yet to come this half term! Please have a browse.


Below you will find important information regarding your child's PE time slot and information on reading.


At the bottom of the page you will find the children's class blog- A fortnightly update of all the exciting things that happen within 1W! Enjoy!


Reading Books

1W will have reading books changed daily. On Wednesdays we visit the library and children will bring home their choice of a library book. Please ensure book bags are in school each and every day as we will be reading with each child throughout the week.


P.E Days

1W have P.E every Thursday. Please ensure that your child has their P.E kit at school on this day. Hair should be tied up and earrings MUST be removed on these days. Your child will not be able to join in with P.E if they have earrings in.

Class Blogs


Thursday 23rd June


In English we have been learning the story of 'Jaspers Beanstalk.'

SGG said, 'Jasper found a bean and he saved it!'.

LF said, 'Jasper dug a hole because he wanted to plant it.

EH said, 'He watered it because plants need drinks!'

MF said, 'Next Jasper dug and hoed and raked and spayed it!'

TA said, 'He picked up all the slugs because he wanted to keep it safe!'

KMc said, 'After that he mowed it!'

JD'M said, 'He waited and waited and waited but there was no beanstalk!'

GW said, 'He began to think, Will it ever grow?'

MB said, 'But a long time later...It did!'

TP said, 'Now he is looking for giants!'


LT said, 'It is a nice book. It helped us learn the days of the week.'

JL said, 'I like all the things he did to look after the plant!'

AMc said, 'It helped me grow my own plant!'

JC said, 'I liked the giant part!'


LC said, 'We have started to create our own version.'

KB- 'My character is called Kian!'

FS- 'My character is Indiana Jones.'     KMc- 'My character is called Amy!'

TA said, 'We will write it next week.'

MC said, 'We will use connectives to extend our sentences.'


In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and division.

JL said, 'We started with counters.'

ZT said, 'We drew pictures to help us work out the answer,'

TA said, We use arrays.'

RR said, 'I like arrays. It helps me find the answer.


EH said, 'We were sharing into hoops to divide.'

AMc said,'You can also use arrays!'


We had a house day on Friday to celebrate healthy eating week.

FS said, 'With Mrs Smith we looked at how to keep healthy by exercising.'

GW said, 'In with Miss Johnson we created baskets of fruit artwork.'

GD-C said, 'With Miss Hunt we made fruit kebabs!'

LF said, 'In Miss White's class we looked at Handa's Surprise and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.'




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