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In the links above you will find out all about the exciting learning that is yet to come this half term! Please have a browse.


At the bottom of the page you will find the children's class blog- A weekly update of all the exciting things that happen within year one! Enjoy!


Reading Books

Year one will have reading books changed daily. We will visit the library weekly and children will bring home their choice of a library book. Please ensure book bags are in school each and every day as we will be reading with each child throughout the week.


P.E Days

Year 1 will have P.E weekly and the day will be confirmed with a sign on the door.  Please ensure that your child has their P.E kit at school on this day. Hair should be tied up and earrings MUST be removed on these days. Your child will not be able to join in with P.E if they have earrings in.

Class Blog ~ Thursday 5th March 2020

SA said, ‘We have been looking at the book Somebody Swallowed Stanley.’

MC said, ‘A turtle swallows a plastic bag.’

BF said, ‘The turtle mistook it for a yummy jellyfish.’

HQ said, ‘The message of the story is to throw rubbish in the bin and not the sea.’

SR said, ‘We wrote riddles to describe the character.’

AS said, ‘It eats yummy and tasty fish… it is a seagull!’

RD H said, ‘It is as slow as a slug… it is a turtle!’

AH said, ‘It walks on land and it swims… it is a turtle.’

RB said, ‘We wrote letters to ask the council to help clean up the rubbish.’

TH said, ‘If the creatures eat the rubbish they might die!’


EF said, ‘We have been pulling numbers apart into tens and ones.’

CA said, ‘This is partitioning!’

LD said, ’36 has 3 tens and 6 ones.’

T-BL said, 75 has 7 tens and 5 ones.’


In geography, we looked at how people enjoy the seaside.

C-G said, ‘You can go for a swim and make sandcastles.’

AD said, ‘We can have ice creams and go snorkelling.’

JE said, ‘We can go rock pooling and see what water has been left in the rocks on the beach. Some sea creatures might live in the rock pool.’

TH said, ‘You can go paddling in the sea or on a boat ride.’

KM said, ‘You might have a donkey ride!’


MS said, ‘This week we celebrated World Book Day.’

PE said, ‘We dressed up as book characters- I am Jessie from Toy Story.’

BS said, ‘We had a special assembly with a real- life author.’

AS said, ‘He read his books about a greedy fish and a wandering worm.’

AK said, ‘We played some book games.’

PS said, ‘We drew selfies of our characters.’

P-RC said, ‘And we heard lots of different stories today!’

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