The Phoenix Primary School & Nursery

We enter to learn, we leave to achieve!

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher

Head Teacher 1 Miss Geary

Deputy Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher 1 Mr Hann

Assistant Head Teachers

Assistant Head Teachers 1 Mrs Kirkham- SENCo
Assistant Head Teachers 2 Mr Mason- PPG
Assistant Head Teachers 3 Miss Drury- Teaching & Learning
Assistant Head Teachers 4 Mrs Smith- Curriculum

School Improvement Leaders

School Improvement Leaders 1 Mrs Davis- EYFS Lead
School Improvement Leaders 2 Miss White- KS1 Lead
School Improvement Leaders 3 Miss Johnson- Year 2/ Phonics/ SMSC Lead
School Improvement Leaders 4 Miss Brown- Maths Lead
School Improvement Leaders 5 Miss Giles- English Lead (Maternity Leave)
School Improvement Leaders 6 Miss Holman- Year 3 Lead/ Acting English Lead
School Improvement Leaders 7 Mrs Simmonds- Y4/ Computing Lead
School Improvement Leaders 8 Mrs Storey-Healthy Schools
School Improvement Leaders 9 Mrs Allen- Year 5 Lead/ Science Lead

Nursery Manager

Nursery Manager 1 Amanda Howe

Class Teachers

Class Teachers 1 Mrs Anderson- Wider World Co-ordinator, FL Lead
Class Teachers 2 Mr Elsey- Music Lead
Class Teachers 3 Miss Brown
Class Teachers 4 Mrs Cohen
Class Teachers 5 Miss Williams
Class Teachers 6 Mrs Boxall
Class Teachers 7 Mrs Merritt- Art Lead
Class Teachers 8 Miss Pearl
Class Teachers 9 Mr Coulson- PE/ PSHE Leader
Class Teachers 10 Miss Grayland- RE Lead
Class Teachers 11 Mr Irons- History/ Geography Lead
Class Teachers 12 Mrs Banks

Trainee Teachers

Trainee Teachers 1 Miss R Green
Trainee Teachers 2 Miss J Green
Trainee Teachers 3 Miss K Hayward

Inclusion Manager

Inclusion Manager 1 Mrs Symes

Family Liaison Worker

Family Liaison Worker 1 Mrs Wallace

Nursery Nurses

Nursery Nurses 1 Cheryl Webb (Deputy Manager)
Nursery Nurses 2 Michelle Warburton
Nursery Nurses 3 Helen Mott
Nursery Nurses 4 Hayley Wallace
Nursery Nurses 5 Jodie Shinton
Nursery Nurses 6 Nicola Brown
Nursery Nurses 7 Simone Hagger

Unqualified Teachers

Unqualified Teachers 1 Mr Wilson- Year 4


HLTA 1 Mrs Taylor
HLTA 2 Mrs Day

Learning Supervisor

Learning Supervisor 1 Mrs Hodges- Year 4

Sports Coaches

Sports Coaches 1 Mr Clark
Sports Coaches 2 Miss Larking

Professional Partners in Learning

Professional Partners in Learning 1 Mrs Curtis- R1
Professional Partners in Learning 2 Mrs Hooper- R2
Professional Partners in Learning 3 Mrs Whitney- Gibb- R3
Professional Partners in Learning 4 Mrs Gill- 1Wh
Professional Partners in Learning 5 Mrs Fenn- 1C
Professional Partners in Learning 6 Mrs Brown- 1Wi
Professional Partners in Learning 7 Mrs Leach - 2J
Professional Partners in Learning 8 Mrs Dickenson - 2J
Professional Partners in Learning 9 Mrs Gammon- 2KB
Professional Partners in Learning 10 Mrs Lee- 2KB
Professional Partners in Learning 11 Mrs Law- 2B
Professional Partners in Learning 12 Mrs Kelly- 2B
Professional Partners in Learning 13 Miss Hamilton - 3H
Professional Partners in Learning 14 Mrs Harrison- 3M
Professional Partners in Learning 15 Mrs Allen- 3P
Professional Partners in Learning 16 Mrs Khelifi- 5A
Professional Partners in Learning 17 Mrs Hookway- 5G
Professional Partners in Learning 18 Mrs Hammond- 6S
Professional Partners in Learning 19 Mrs Carver- 6I
Professional Partners in Learning 20 Mrs Bates - 6I
Professional Partners in Learning 21 Mrs Begum - Maternity Leave

SEN Professional Partner in Learning

SEN Professional Partner in Learning 1 Mrs Smith

Pupil Premium Support Workers

Pupil Premium Support Workers 1 Mrs Page- 5G

EASL Specialist

EASL Specialist 1 Mrs Cis

RENEW Counsellor

RENEW Counsellor 1 Jess

Administration and Finance Staff

Administration and Finance Staff 1 Mrs King- PA to the Headteacher
Administration and Finance Staff 2 Ms Bird- Office Manager
Administration and Finance Staff 3 Mrs Shambrook - Admin Assistant
Administration and Finance Staff 4 Mrs Greenway- Admin Assistant
Administration and Finance Staff 5 Miss Gardner- Finance Manager
Administration and Finance Staff 6 Mrs Lodge- Finance Assistant
Administration and Finance Staff 7 Mrs Furniaux- Finance Assistant

Premises Management

Premises Management 1 Mr Kybert- Premises Manager
Premises Management 2 Mr Bushell- Assistant Premises Manager

Premises Team

Premises Team 1 Mrs Mosey
Premises Team 2 Mrs Butler
Premises Team 3 Mrs Giles


MDA 1 Mrs Butler- Midday Supervisor
MDA 2 Mrs Bates
MDA 3 Miss Green
MDA 4 Mrs King- Mortlock
MDA 5 Mrs Satkas
MDA 6 Miss Van de Kroon
MDA 7 Miss Fowler
MDA 8 Ms Powell
MDA 9 Mrs Eaton
MDA 10 Miss Sparkes
MDA 11 Mrs Headley
MDA 12 Miss Jones
MDA 13 Mrs Cummings
MDA 14 Mrs Brown
MDA 15 Mrs Applebee
MDA 16 Mrs Earnshaw

Catering Team

Catering Team 1 Mrs Moran- Catering Manager
Catering Team 2 Mrs Burgess- Cook
Catering Team 3 Mrs Turvey- Catering Assistant
Catering Team 4 Mrs Chamberlin Catering Assistant
Catering Team 5 Mrs Treston- Smith Catering Assistant
Catering Team 6 Mrs Whybrow Catering Assistant
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