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Reading Challenge Pupil Voice – March 2015



  • All the children explained that they enjoy guided reading much more now.
  • They would like guided reading every day instead of just 2/3 times a week.
  • The children said that guided reading was fun because their adult would joke and enjoy it with them. If the adult enjoys the session then so do the children.
  • They liked that they were able to finish a book instead of changing half way through.
  • They enjoy talking about different the characters.
  • Children said that the reading challenge has helped them to learn new words; read with expression; work as a group without the teacher leading; learn from corrections; read aloud confidently; ask their own questions; and develop ideas and useful words for their own writing.
  • The children said that they feel like the sessions have made them better at reading as they have learnt skills such as: scanning, questioning and underlining key words.
  • The children said that their writing was improving because they were gathering ideas and vocabulary from their book.
  • The children feel that the job roles issued to the group are very useful. They said they have now learnt how to clarify and question. They especially like being the ‘big boss’ instead of the teacher. The cards help remind them of their job.
  • Most of the children selected had their reading records with stamps/signatures from their teacher to say they have read.


Carried out by Mrs Storey (Literacy Co-ordinator)

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