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Georgia and Nathan from 6S were nominated to attend their first meeting at James Hornsby School, last Friday (6th February 2015).  Two student representatives were elected from each participating school in Laindon and they meet once a term to discuss improving school experiences and contributing to the community.

Georgia commented ‘I really enjoyed talking about our ideas with other children from the other schools and I am looking forward to the next meeting as we may be organising some fundraising.’ The next meeting will be held on March 18th at Janet Duke. We will be hosting the meeting in June. 

On Wednesday the 18th March 2015, Nathan and I went to our second LSU (Laindon Schools United) meeting, which was held at Janet Duke Primary School.  The agenda was very full, so we had lots of different points to discuss.  The first point to be discussed was the forthcoming 'Cake Competition' that the members of LSU will be organising.  We will be inviting parents, carers and grandparents to taste test the entries and a winner will be announced - we will keep you posted about this event!  Watch this space!  We are also organising an Art competition and the winning entries will be entered into an exhibition across Laindon - again, details to follow!  


As you have probably seen, we have a bright logo for LSU and as part of today's meeting we discussed the slogan that would accompany the logo.  We decided upon - 'LSU: Bringing Schools Together for Future Changes' it's quite catchy and effective!  We are also in the process of designing a website so everyone will be aware of what we are trying to achieve and who the members are.  


Finally, we thought it would be a nice idea to join our school choirs together to perform as one large choir - the details will be discussed at the next meeting, which will be held at our school in June. 

By Georgia 6S


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