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Welcome to the class page for 4C. Please take time to look around the school’s website for key information. Also, make sure that you visit this page as often as possible as it is here that you will be able to view what your child is doing in school each week and every term via the Class Blog that appears below.

Below you will also find important information about your child’s PE slot as well as advice about reading at home.



4C will have PE weekly and it is therefore essential that your child has their PE in school everyday. It is also important that each item of PE kit is clearly labelled with your child’s name in case things get lost.


Reading at Home

Reading at home is essential for your child to make the progress necessary with their school work. Your child will have a Reading Record Book that they bring home each night. If they read to you or another adult, or to themselves, please sign the Record Book to say this has happened. They will then get credits at school towards a range of reading certificates that they will receive in assembly.

Class blog Friday 14th December 2018


In English we have been looking at different poems and writing own versions. The night before Christmas was our main focus as it had a character description of Father Christmas “First we had to think of a theme and then we made a list of rhyming words. Once we did that writing the poem was easy” EK.


Some lucky children in year 4 were allowed to go to the movie morning as a reward for achieving 100 percent attendance for this term. “We watched school of rock and we ate sweet and salted popcorn. The film was really funny and it was nice to get a reward”. HB


In maths we have been solving Christmas related mysteries “It was fun and we had to use everything that we have learnt to help us solve the mystery”. AB

In Science we had to complete our end of topic mind maps to show what we have learnt “We learnt about the different parts of the ear. The main parts are the stirrup, anvil and hammer” NG.


We have been getting very festive in year 4 and we have gradually been decorating the classroom. “Our classroom looks like Santa’s grotto. IB.


Next week we will be doing lots of Xmas related activities including making cards, making Christmas calendars and solving festive mysteries.

Class Blog - Friday 7th December 2018

In maths this week we have continued to convert different units of measure. “There are 1000 metres in a kilometre and 1000 grams in a kilogram. We noticed that k stands for 1000” AB.


In English we have been looking a poetry. We have compared different poems to identify which features can be included to make a poem more interesting. “Poems that rhyme can have a rhythm that helps you perform the poem. We also looked at poems that contained onomatopoeia. They are words that sound like the word they are spelling. TB


In Geography we have been continuing to focus on Florida: Beyond the magic kingdom. This week we have looked at animals that can be found in the state of Florida. “We learnt about the life cycle of a sea turtle and thought of ways that we can protect the sea turtles from harm. We made bumper stickers that can be put on cars so that the turtles are not hurt by cars and traffic.” LC


In Science the children have been investigating sound by making their own string telephones. “We pierced holes into 2 plastic cups then joined them together using string. When we spoke into one of the cups our partner could hear what we were saying. This is because sounds vibrates down the string” CC.


In Art we used inspiration from the artist Steven Brown to create our own colourful self-portraits.  “Mr Coulson took photos of us and we drew around the lines with a thick black pen. We turned the paper over and redrew the outline. Once it was finished we used the primary colours to make different bright colours that we used to paint our portraits.” SO



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