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Below you will find important information regarding your child's PE time slot and information on reading and homework.


At the bottom of the page you will find the children's class blog- a fortnightly update of all the exciting things that happen within 2AB! Enjoy!


Reading Books

2AB will have the opportunity to change their own reading books weekly. We will visit the library weekly and children will bring home their choice of a library book. Please ensure book bags are in school each and every day as we will be reading with each child throughout the week.



2AB will receive English and Maths homework every Friday, and it is due back in school on Wednesdays. Children will receive a house point for every piece of homework that they return to school. Please encourage your child to complete their homework, and support them if necessary. They will be given words to learn to spell on a Friday, and will be tested in school on the following Friday. If your child does not bring their homework home, please see their teacher as soon as possible.


P.E Days

2AB have P.E weekly, usually on a Friday, but this is subject to change, so please ensure that your child has their P.E kit at school every day. For health and safety reasons hair should be tied up and earrings MUST be removed for P.E. Your child will not be able to join in with P.E if they have earrings in.

Class Blog- Friday 11th January 2019


In English, we watched the story ‘Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors’.

LDC says ‘In the story, Scissors is the enemy and he tries to hurt Paper. Rock tries to save paper but it made him crumble’.

LR says ‘We wrote a story based on Rock, Paper Scissors with different characters and a different ending’.

In Maths, we have been learning about pictograms.

AR says ‘Pictograms use pictures to count instead of numbers or tallies. We drew our own tally chart and pictogram’.

In Art, we have been improving our drawing skills.

AA says ‘We have been drawing self-portraits in Art’.

JC says ‘We are going to be drawing portraits like Picasso’.

IW says ‘We have been using bright colours so that when we cut our portraits up we can match them together to look like Picasso’s art’.

In History we are beginning to learn about communication in the First World War.

CT says ‘They used messenger pigeons to carry codes. If you hurt or killed a pigeon then you would have to pay a fine or go to prison for 6 months’.


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