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In the links above you will find out all about the exciting learning that is yet to come this half term! Please have a browse.


Below you will find important information regarding your child's PE time slot and information on reading.


At the bottom of the page you will find the children's class blog- A fortnightly update of all the exciting things that happen within 1Wh! Enjoy!


Reading Books

1Wh will have reading books changed daily. We will visit the library weekly and children will bring home their choice of a library book. Please ensure book bags are in school each and every day as we will be reading with each child throughout the week.


P.E Days

1Wh have P.E weekly and the day will be confirmed with a sign on the door.  Please ensure that your child has their P.E kit at school on this day. Hair should be tied up and earrings MUST be removed on these days. Your child will not be able to join in with P.E if they have earrings in.

Class Blog ~ Friday 29th March 2019


KH said, 'In English we have been writing newspaper reports.'

TV said, 'Nemo got captured by a horrible diver.'

AM-B said, 'His dad went on a search mission to find him.'

MB said, 'He was helped by Dory, a black, blue and yellow fish.'

MSc said, 'They had to fight whales and sharks away!'

MSm said, 'Nemo had been put in a fish tank in a dentist's office!'

MB said, 'The office was in Sydney!'

WW said, 'Nemo pretended to die so he got flushed down the toilet and got put back in the sea!'

OR said, 'Daddy and Nemo were reunited. A pelican helped them.'


KM said, 'In Maths, we have been answering special questions to show how clever we are.'

Miss White said, 'We have been completing assessments.'

OE said, 'We have been counting in 2s.'


GMc said, 'In topic work we have been learning about where Wembury is.'

A-RW said, 'It is in Devon.'

DP said, 'Devon is far from here, it is the southwest.'

ZS said, 'Wembury is near Plymouth.'


SS said, 'In Science we have been learning about keeping rubbish away from our animals so they do not get hurt.'


MSi said, 'We have been learning how to keep safe on the internet. We have learnt to not tell strangers online where we live.'

JS-P said, 'We used the internet to find out about birds but we had to keep safe.'


LW said, 'In GPS we have been learning words ending in 'er'.

L-RB said, 'In handwriting we have been learning to write the letter 't' with an entry stroke.'


ML said, 'In art we went outside to do rubbings because we were looking at patterns in nature.'


JM said, 'We rubbed bark from the tree and leaves and grass. There all have different patterns.'


OB said, 'We learnt about Jesus dying at Easter. His body was put in a cave.'



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